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Squishable Teacup Pig by Anna C.

Squishable Teacup Pig

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Teacup Pig

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Artist's Description:

"Teacup pig, I don't want to be with you..." Wait, what am I saying? Teacup, of course I want to be with you! Who wouldn't want to be with you? Imagine a sweet tiny pig. Now, put him in a teacup. Isn't that just the most precious image ever? Teacup pig, I want to be with you... forever!

About the Designer:

Anna C.

I'm a 20-something-year-old female who likes to pretend that she's not an adult. I've been a fan of Squishables ever since I randomly stumbled upon the site in 2007. While I don't have too much experience in the art of drawing and sketching, I am well trained in the art of singing, playing French horn, acting, and fangirling. I'm also making my own line of plushies: cute breads!

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