Anna C. I'm a 20-something-year-old female who likes to pretend that she's not an adult. I've been a fan of Squishables ever since I randomly stumbled upon the site in 2007. While I don't have too much experience in the art of drawing and sketching, I am well trained in the art of singing, playing French horn, acting, and fangirling. I'm also making my own line of plushies: cute breads!

Micro Squishable Fox

Mini Squishable Phoenix

Micro Squishable Arctic Fox

Mini Squishable Blue Whale

Micro Squishable Penguin

Mini Squishable Cardigan Corgi

Micro Squishable Koala

Micro Squishable Pufferfish

Micro Squishable Palila Bird

Mini Squishable Kangaroo

Alien Bunny

Bundle Of Bunnies

Justice Cinnamon Bun

Micro Squishable Blue Fox

Poor Yorick

Micro Mr Webby

Mr Webby

Squishable Dolphin

Mini Mr Webby

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