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We all need a little help sometimes! Check out these FAQ's! And if you still need help, drop us a line using our contact form and we'll get right back to you!

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What's all this? I mean, seriously?

Squishables are cute giant balls of squishy love. They're soft, huggable, cuddly, and all-around awesome. Each Squishable is about 15 inches tall. They squish down a bit smaller, and they stretch a bit bigger. Spot wash 'em if they get dirty. Use 'em as a pillow. Throw them at people.

The small print: Squishies are manufactured in China, Vietnam, and Thailand. They comply with ASTM F963, U.S. CPSIA and Canadian toy safety standards. They're made out of all new materials (100% polyester fiber) and are safe for children ages 0 and up, Micros are for ages 3 and up,...and also adults 150 and under.

How do you keep your factories safe?

Glad you asked! We purposely use factories with strict requirements and track records - it's one of the reasons our products are sometimes a bit more pricey than some others. Our factories are ICTI-certified to ensure safe and ethical working conditions for all employees. We ourselves visit all of our factories on a regular basis, and we also use a third party firm who does frequent unannounced checks to make sure that everyone is adhering to international labor and safety standards. Our checklist includes (among many other topics) any evidence of underaged labor, confirming fair overtime practices, comfortable work conditions, and general safety, and it's hundreds of items long. We've walked away from entire factories because it looked like there was a small chance they might fail even a single one of them. Ethical plush is a thing!

How do you make sure that Squishables are safe?

Good question! All of our production runs are tested by independent, internationally recognized safety and quality assurance testing firms (primarily Intertek Group plc and UL Verification) to ensure that they comply with or exceed standards set by state, federal and international safety regulations (e.g., ASTM Toy Safety Specifications, US CSPC Regulations, California Prop 65, Canada Product Safety Act, and many others). These tests include physical and mechanical assessments to ensure general safety, flammability testing under various federal regulations, and chemical composition tests to ensure compliance. That also includes steps such as metal detection and "pull" tests to ensure all parts are secured and safe. Individual shipments from our production facilities also undergo additional Quality Assurance testing by a second testing firm to ensure adherence to internal quality and safety standards. These are some seriously tested Squishables!

I must hug a Squishable NOW! Can I get one at a store near me?

Quite possibly! Check out the Squishable Stores page or Store Locator to see if there's an awesome local store near you!

Do I have to pay sales tax?

We're required to collect sales tax in the majority of states in which we operate. So, we do! Just think of all the really cool things it's going to fund!

My Squishable is getting dirty! How do I wash it?

Squishable fan Xavier F. has a tried and true method to get your Squishies fluffy and soft again, which you can find here!

It's better to avoid using a washing machine if possible - Squishable fabric can't stand high heat and it's hard to get them dry! But if you've got a real messy Squishable, or need to disinfect it for some reason, you can use a machine so long as you do the following:

  • Tie your Squishable inside of a clean cotton pillowcase to protect the fur.
  • Wash with cold water only!
  • Machine dry (still in the pillowcase!) under the lowest heat setting possible! This might mean doing several dryer cycles. Hint: if your Squishable feels unusually heavy, he's still wet inside - give it another dry cycle to avoid getting mildew inside!

Can you make a character from my favorite cartoon/anime/video game?

Usually we can't! Characters belong to their creators, and unless one of those creators asked us to make one, we simply can't make licensed characters, no matter how awesome! They don't belong to us.

We do occasionally collaborate with some webcomic writers, though...and we're always happy to hear suggestions, so if you think of something, let us know! And if you have your own character, we love doing custom batches!

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the site

I have question about preorders! Where should I go?

Preorders work a little differently on our website because we want to be extra careful to keep your information safe! Here's an entire Preorder FAQ just for you!

Can I send a photo to the User Gallery?

Yes! Send it in an email to Of course, by submitting your photo, you're agreeing for us to use it on the site. We can't pay you for your photo right now, but you'll get our heartfelt appreciation. Oh, and you gain hipster cred. We swear.

Plus, don't forget that every photo submitted means $1 donated to that month's charity! You can check out our Philanthropy page to learn more about it.

Is the site and my information safe?

Yes! We promise never to give your personal information to third parties. The only exception is that Google Payments and/or PayPal will collect your personal information for the purposes of processing your credit card information. doesn't keep your credit card information at this time. Credit card processing is handled by our partners, Google Payments and PayPal, and they keep your credit card information. Please refer to their security policies with any concerns.

Order processing is secured through advanced SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. You'll know that you're on a secure section of the site when the address bar begins with https:// and when a small lock appears in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser.

My purchase didn't go through! Explain!

There are lots of reasons your credit card might not be working - the info you supplied doesn't match what your card issuer has on file, your connection was reset, there aren't enough funds available...don't worry, you're still a cool and very attractive person! You can always try the charge again, double checking your information. If that doesn't work, you can try using PayPal payment button instead! You are not required to have a PayPal account, and can use the same credit card you intended. If something in our system is causing the hiccup in your purchase attempt, this should bypass it.

My order didn't go through, but I have something that looks like an unexpected charge on my credit card! What's up with that?

If the info you entered didn't match what your card issuer was attempting to verify, it might have created a pre-authorization on your card. That's just a placeholder your card creates when it authorizes a purchase. They "fall off" your card in a couple of days, don't worry! Even if you tried to make the purchase multiple times (and thus have multiple pre-authorizations!) If you're not sure, you can always contact your bank to confirm they're pre-authorizations, or drop us a note and we can confirm it too!

Do you have a privacy policy?

Of course. In short, it's that we hate spam, too. You can view the entire thing on our privacy policy page.

What's the return policy?

We hope you love your new Squishable. If you don't, though, you can return them to us within 30 days of purchase.

Please make sure your Squishable animal is in original condition. If its been chewed, mauled, spilled on, or otherwise injured, we can't take it back. Sorry!

To arrange a return, please contact us to arrange a return.

You are responsible for shipping charges for mailing the Squishable back to us. We recommend insurance, as if we don't get the Squishable back, we can't process your refund!

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s.q.u.e.e. club

What is this S.Q.U.E.E. Club thing?

Squee Club is the Squishable Quantum Ultimate Executive Experience, otherwise known as S.Q.U.E.E.! It's a world of exclusive luxury and unparalleled fuzz! A club where all your most refined desires are catered to! That is, as long as those desires are Squishable-related!

So why should I join, eh?

Besides a deep-seated love of all things Squishy? Oh, you mean real, tangible benefits. Right! Here they are!

  1. Free shipping for the next 365 days to any destination in the contiguous 48 states - just select “S.Q.U.E.E. Free Shipping” at checkout;
  2. A coupon good for 20% off one purchase at*
  3. A Mystery Micro Squishable! Hang it from the rear-view mirror of your yacht to signal your membership to other members of the upper crust;
  4. Exclusive concierge service and support. Do you need to know which Squishable to get for the Archduke on the occasion of his castle-warming party? Reginald Sinclair Jeeveserson the Panda is your S.Q.U.E.E. concierge and will be forever* at your service (*forever being the length of time between now and when S.Q.U.E.E. membership expires)
  5. Access to special deals only for S.Q.U.E.E. members - keep an eye on your inbox.

Okay, you had me at S.Q.U.E.E. How does this work?

Add the S.Q.U.E.E. membership to your cart. Check out. Your S.Q.U.E.E. membership is automatically activated. Get an email with details. You join the ranks of the few, the proud, the S.Q.U.E.E.ers! In 365 days, you can either renew or you can leave the ranks of the few, the proud, the S.Q.U.E.E.ers.

This is some sort of program. I would imagine there are terms, and there might be some conditions, too, right? I'm curious about those.

As well you should be. You can read them here.

*Coupon legalese: Coupon is good for one year from the date of confirmation email. Valid for retail purchases made at the website using the account associated with your S.Q.U.E.E. membership only. Not combinable with other coupons and offers. Not valid for gift certificates or purchasing other S.Q.U.E.E. memberships. Not valid for wholesale. Yada Yada Yada.

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How long will it take to get my Squish?

As our warehouses comply with COVID-19 safety guidelines, shipping timelines may vary a bit (although express shipping methods will continue to ship as usual). Thanks for your patience as we work to fulfill your order as quickly as possible! Another thing to keep in mind, there may also be additional delays due to disruptions to the global shipping chain. A number of shipping carriers are experiencing work slowdowns and high volumes right now, resulting in longer than usual ship times. International shipments, especially, may experience unexpected delays; a number of countries have experienced package backlogs.

So what we're saying is, it might take a little longer than usual to get your Squish. We get it, and we're here for you, we can't control the external systemic issues going on right now, but we promise we're doing everything we possibly can within our power to get your little guy to you! If you feel like your package is taking longer than expected and you're not sure why, reach out and we'll help figure it out every way we can. Promise! Let's all be understanding and patient with each other and hang in there. These are weird times. Let's beat them with kindness!

How much is domestic shipping?

Standard shipping to the continental U.S. is $6.99 for one Squishable. Each additional Squishable is $4.00.

Standard shipping takes 5-9 days. Your Squishable will ship via USPS, Fedex, UPS, or DHL, depending on your location.

Standard shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and APO/FPO addresses is $15.99 for one Squishable and $9.00 for each additional item. Orders will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

We also offer faster shipping, generally via FedEx or UPS. Exact costs are displayed at checkout.

Please note that the shipping method (e.g., "Third Business Day", "Second Business Day", "Next Business Day") refers to the number of business days it will take for your shipment to reach you after it leaves our warehouse and not the manner nor method of shipping. Orders generally leave our warehouse the next business day, so add one day to the shipping speed to get your approximate delivery date.

For example, an order placed on Monday via Second Business Day delivery would ship no later than Tuesday and arrive no later than Thursday. An order placed Thursday via Third Business Day delivery would ship no later than Friday and be delivered no later than the following Wednesday.

What's all this about free shipping?

Yes! We do often have free shipping to the Cont. U.S. on retail orders above a certain threshhold! Woo hoo! Unfortunately that doesn't extend to Alaska and Hawaii (I know I know, please don't hate us!). But for the other lucky 48 states...that!

How much is international shipping?

Shipping internationally, including Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and anywhere else is a base charge of $8 + $14 amount/weight unit. International Saver Shipping will typically deliver 15 to 20 days after your order ships! However, variables such as your destination country and any potential customs may cause additional delays. Note: specific restrictions may apply to larger items. Check the product page for details!

Elsewhere? Is your country not listed? We couldn't deny you a Squishable! Email us for specifics :-)

Please note: for international orders, the customer is responsible for any custom duties, taxes, and brokerage fees payable on the Squishable animals. We, unfortunately, don't know what those customs duties/taxes may be and have no control over them...sorry!

Where's my Squishable?

On its way, hopefully! You can see the status of your order and associated shipping information on our tracking page.

If you can't find your order, contact us and we'll be happy to check on it for you!

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