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Squishable Baby Mole by Andrea H.

Squishable Baby Mole

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Voting is Over

Squishable Baby Mole

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Artist's Description:

This little guy is not quite old enough to be a nuisance, and he knows that some people may not like him. But all he wants is a loving home! Won't you be so kind to let him live with you? He promises not to mess up your garden! I was inspired to come up with this after seeing a poor baby mole crawling on the street, lost and confused. He was so cute, I couldn't resist!

About the Designer:

Andrea H.

Well, I have been drawing for several years now, and I am a graphic design graduate from a local college around my area as well as a freelance artist. I ADORE cute things, and making cute things so this website is a cutie paradise for me! I aim to make others happy with the cute things I think of too!

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Talk about this design!
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