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Squishable Lemur by Victoria M.

Squishable Lemur

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Lemur

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Artist's Description:

Lemurs are my favorite animal! The ring tailed lemur is often the most recognizable of them. So I decided to work with them. The long fluffy ringed tails and the cute masked face makes a really good plush in my opinion and If it goes well, I'd really like to try submitting other species of lemur too! I made sure to include the pads on the hands as one big mass, because its one of the features I want to show the most. Lemurs don't have paw pads like dogs or cats, and I felt like if that didn't show, people might not know that! I also chose to use brown and grey on this design, since ring tailed lemurs are often a mix of those two colors, not just grey. Lemurs are also a species in need of help since the forests of Madagascar are shrinking more and more each year, and that's the only place where you can find these wonderful animals!

About the Designer:

Victoria M.

I'm a 24 year old digital artist who has been drawing almost strictly animals since I was 14. My mother is also an artist, but sadly suffers from psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis over her entire body. These conditions stopped her from being able to enjoy making art, but she always encouraged me. I always believed that my art would never be as good as my mother's, but she told me that I had creativity. That creativity made me special. So with those encouraging words I kept going, and I've since made a name for myself in my area, my family, and on social media. My favorite thing to do, is design. I love to make designs for other people to enjoy.

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