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Squishable Cardinal by Vanessa A.

Squishable Cardinal

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Cardinal

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Artist's Description:

What inspired this design is my University's mascot, a common cardinal bird. As a designer, I was intrigued with the idea of how the cardinal bird would look like as a Squishable. In creating the design, I broke down the shapes that made up the bird, edited it down to simple shapes, and into a cartoon form until the design was achieved. Given that Valentine's day was also a month away at the time of creation. The black part that rounds the eyes of the cardinal was made into a heart shape. Keeping in mind to keep the design for any season, by keeping it simple and cute looking to appeal to the young and young adult demographic.

About the Designer:

Vanessa A.

My name Vanessa Acuna, an aspiring Graphic Designer currently studying to achieve their bachelors degree. When it comes to the realm of stuffed animal designs and plushies I strive to create the most interesting and appealing designs that others may enjoy.

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