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Squishable Australian Shepherd by Katie W.

Squishable Australian Shepherd

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Voting is Over

Squishable Australian Shepherd

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Artist's Description:

What's this... a puppy has followed you home! And not just any puppy, but the most squishy roly-poly puppy you've ever seen. This blue merle Aussie is looking for a new best friend, will you be that person? Please? C:

About the Designer:

Katie W.

I have two passions in life: art and animals. Since early childhood I've expressed myself and shared my passions with the world through various artistic endeavors. Drawing, digital work, sculpture, arts and crafts...and yes, even a few plushies! My dream is to own an Australian Shepherd Squishable just like this one with a blue merle patched coat and ultra huggable plush filling! Please help me make this dream a reality :)

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Talk about this design!
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