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Squishable Beagle by Eryn W.

Squishable Beagle

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Voting is Over

Squishable Beagle

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Artist's Description:

This design is inspired by one of my favorite pets, Jesse. She was a small, nervous Beagle whom was given to my family by someone who found her with nothing but a purple leash and a red collar on. Even though she passed away some time ago, I still think of her a lot and miss her. I hope this Squishy design brings comfort and love to others just as Jesse brought comfort and love to me.

About the Designer:

Eryn W.

I'm a Graphic Designer and professional crochet artist! When I'm not working (which is always), I'm enjoying a few rounds of Heroes of the Storm (and raging) with friends.

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Talk about this design!
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