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I have Preorder Questions!

Preorders can be confusing! Here are some answers about them! OR you can check out our general FAQ'scontact form and we'll get right back to you!

Preorder Website Questions!

I went to place a preorder but didn't see a place to enter your current sale coupon. Why not?

Our preorders are for items that could come out months down the line, long after a coupon will expire! So that means preorders (as well as a few other exclusions) are not eligible for any coupons or sales we offer on our site. On the other hand, they do get free shipping, so usually the two cancel each other out :)

I ordered an Anicorn, why did I get a preorder confirmation?

Anicorns are a special type of plush we offer on our site - we are drop-shipping them for a customer. We process these transactions through Stripe, the credit card processing company that we also happen to process our preorders through! Don't fret - your Anicorn will ship within the normal 2 business day window our available Squishables do!

Egads! My preorder is not listed under my orders on my Squishable account! What gives?

Due to the different method through which preorders are processed and stored on our site, they aren’t going to be located with the list of your typical orders. We have a search function available at the bottom of that list of orders while you're logged in, though! We actually have a bunch of screenshots to help guide you to that very spot! Keep reading, Squish Fan!

Great! How do I Find My Preorder?

First you'll want to make sure you have a confirmation email with your preorder number! This will begin with a PR. You will use this number and the email address you preordered with to find, and later edit, your preorder with or without a Squishable account, and we'll show you how to find it logged in or out!

First without logging in!

First, go here!

Pre-Order FAQ Image 1

Then you go here!

Pre-Order FAQ Image

Then find this box, and use it!

Pre-Order FAQ Image

Alright, now if you're logged in!

Go to your name to see your account, and then click on tracking!

Pre-Order FAQ Image

Enter the info, and you should see this!!

Pre-Order FAQ Image

Need more details? This is the spot!

Pre-Order FAQ Image

How do I Edit or Cancel My Preorder?

Glad you asked! Already looking at your preoder details using the instructions up above? Great! Here's a picture labeled with the thing you might want to do!

A) Edit the address
B) Edit the credit card
C) Cancel the preorder

Pre-Order FAQ Image Pre-Order FAQ Image Pre-Order FAQ Image

Preorder Payment Questions

Will I be charged now, or when the order is ready to ship?

We process all of our preorders through Stripe, a credit card processing company, that securely stores the data until the time we are ready to charge and ship. And we totally get it - security is important to you! If you have any reservations about the safety of your personal information with Stripe, please check out their privacy policy!

How will I know my preorder was successful?

We have a REALLY happy bear to confirm that for you!! Look for this screen.

Pre-Order FAQ Image

My Zip Code isn’t working, what now?

Don't fret! There are two fields to input your Zip Code while pre-ordering with Squishable, and both fields are necessary! Make sure both are completed and give it another shot! Note: The first Zip Code field will only appear after you've entered your credit card information!

Pre-Order FAQ Image

Oh No! I got two confirmation emails with different preorder numbers! What do I do?

Whew! No stress! Follow the steps to Find My Preorder and then Cancel the extra one!

Eek! I didn't get a confirmation email and I want to view/edit/cancel my preorder!

Oh dear! I don't want to be that guy, but definitely check your spam folder first, you never know! But if it's not there, alas, some things can't be answered by a FAQ! Just email us at and we will have one of our Customer Happiness Representatives help you! Please note that confirmation emails can take up to 24 hours, so if it's been 37.2 minutes and you haven't seen anything - that's ok! Hang tight and one will show up before you know it! If it doesn't after 24 hours? Panic. Just kidding! Never panic! Email us!

Preorder shipping

Why can't my preorder ship to my country?

This is tricky, Squish fans! There are multiple reasons why a country may not appear as an option for us to ship to when you are attempting to place a preorder. First is that USPS, the carrier we ship our international preorders with, may not ship to that country! Other reasons may include restrictions placed by one or both governments, trade restrictions on the type of good we ships, etc. Or it may just be too darn expensive!

When will my preorder ship?

That depends entirely on what you've ordered! We make certain items that our loving fans, like yourself, have expressed eagerness to order available for preorder before we are able to ship. We give a general idea of when the item will be in stock on the item page. For instance, our Plague Doctor has a Due In expectation of Mid-Summer 2020!

It’s time, why hasn't my preorder shipped?

Our Due In expectations are estimates. We ship preorders out the very second we get the item in stock! Delays happen, so just hang tight and your order will ship as soon as Squishably possible!

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