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Squishable Oni by Wylie A

Squishable Oni

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Oni

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Artist's Description:

The Oni is a demon from Japanese mythology. They are ferocious and fierce beasts known to dispel bad luck. This oni is reddish orange with shaggy dark grey fur and has pointy golden horns as well as a tiger skin cloth. He may seem tough and scary, but this oni wants nothing more than to hang out with you and protect you from bad luck!

About the Designer:

Wylie A

Hi! I'm Wylie! (also known as Invader-Wylie) I've been drawing for my entire life and consider it my lifelong passion. I specialize in monsters and mythical creatures. I spend my time creating original character designs and developing unique personalities for each of them. I am into both traditional art and digital art as well as animation.

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