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Squishable Griffin by Jaylynne R.

Squishable Griffin

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Voting is Over

Squishable Griffin

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Artist's Description: it called a griffin, a griffon, or a gryphon? I'm assuming they're all the same but like it feels weird having to choose between them. Huh, I'm suppose to describe the design? how about that combo of large wild cat and predatory bird? No laptop or decorative dish would be safe when the large feline has the ability of flight. Trying to hide the snacks from this beast with numerous aliases would be down right impossible. Plus look at that face, nothing but pure cuteness and sheer intimidation! That's why the griffin/griffon/gryphon is awesome (and terrifying)!

About the Designer:

Jaylynne R.

I'm a scrubby artist that loves all things cute and spooky. I am also a self proclaimed professional trash witch haunted by the beast known as sleep deprivation. Let's scream and enjoy round plushies together! (or not that's cool too)

Talk about this design!
Talk about this design!
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