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Squishable Bake-Kujira by Jay R

Squishable Bake-Kujira

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Voting is Over

Squishable Bake-Kujira

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Artist's Description:

You ever imagine how spooky ghosts are? How about the idea of creatures living in the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean? Pretty creepy if you ask me. Now let's combine those concepts and create the ghost whale so anyone with thalassophobia (like me) can panic endlessly! AAAAA! Luckily this yokai is just a little guy, a spooky friend, an absolute boooo. Won't place a curse on you or anything, just wants a big hug! Trust me! *shifty eyes*

About the Designer:

Jay R

I'm a scrubby artist that loves all things adorable and spooky. I am also a self proclaimed professional trash gremlin who sometimes draws cute, round critters and is haunted by the beast known as sleep deprivation. Who needs sleep when one can surround themself with plushies, jaja :')

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Talk about this design!
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