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Squishable Wolpertinger by Haley C.

Squishable Wolpertinger

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Wolpertinger

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Artist's Description:

If you were looking for something with a unique appearance and just a dash of cute charm, you just may have found it. This wolpertinger is an adorable mish-mash monster that appears to be some combination of a rabbit, bird, and deer, with the fangs of some super tough but also very cute critter. With a little poofball tail and floppy ears, this squeezable little friend is ready to be taken home! Warning: he may try to nip at you. With love, of course!

About the Designer:

Haley C.

By the time you see this I may have already started my college career as an art major. Art was a somewhat last-minute commitment I made when I realized that there were some pretty cool jobs out there that would involve applying something I love and strive to get better at. I began exploring the digital side of art about a year ago, and am very well aware that I have a long way to go before I master it or even traditional media, which I have been using since I was little. If I can design a winning Squishable someday, I am totally going to try to put that on a resume or an application or something. :)

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