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Squishable Wolf in Sheeps Clothing by Alexandra L.

Squishable Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

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Artist's Description:

The "Big Bad Wolf" was sad, because he never had any friends. Everyone was afraid of him because of his sharp teeth and claws but he was not evil at all. Then he got an idea: he disguised himself as a sheep. At first no one recognised him and everyone was nice to him. The wolf was really happy to be together with other animals. But during a game of tag he ran so fast that the sheep fur slid from his head and revealed his wolf's ears. The others ran away as soon as they saw his ears. He was alone again. Don't let this sad creature be lonely; give him a home where he is loved!

About the Designer:

Alexandra L.

I am a person who always searches for something new and original. I try to surprise people by showing my weirder sides, present something that wasn't there yet. I am studying English and art history right now. Besides drawing and reading I love everything cute and cuddly, can't get enough of it. When I first saw a Squishable, I knew it was my destiny to create one of these cuties! Okay, that was overly dramatic, but you know what I mean.

Talk about this design!
Talk about this design!
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