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Squishable Red Wolf by Kathryne H.

Squishable Red Wolf

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Voting is Over

Squishable Red Wolf

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Artist's Description:

What's cooler than a wolf? Nothing, that's what! The only problem is that the average wolf can be kind of big and intimidating, but for that there's the red wolf! Red wolves are an extremely cute smaller cousin of the gray wolf who are known for their trademark (you guessed it) reddish-brown fur. However, despite being slightly cuter and more fun-sized than their more well-known cousins, the red wolf is in EXTREME danger of going extinct. There are only about 100(ish) left in the wild. One of the problems is that not many people know about the red wolf, so they aren't really even on their radar. This little guy's job is to be an ambassador of snuggles, and to spread the word about the plight of red wolves by being too cute to ignore!

About the Designer:

Kathryne H.

Hi, I'm a college student working on a degree in fine arts. I love mythical creatures and horror.

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Talk about this design!
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