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Squishable Little Ocean by Maggie C.

Squishable Little Ocean

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Little Ocean

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Artist's Description:

Swish swish swish. The sound of water swooshing around could be heard nearby as you sit on your couch at home. Your home is located nowhere near a lake or any large body of water, so where is that sound coming from? Swish swoosh swish. The sound is getting louder and closer and you decide to look for the source of the sound. You gasp as you stare at this little creature in your house. It is a little ocean that has found its way inside your home. Inside it you could see sand, shells and fish? For this design I wanted to create something weird and not mammal-like at all. So while designing this the first thing I thought was fish bowl creature.

About the Designer:

Maggie C.

I am currently a college student studying graphic design.

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