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Squishable Turkey Vulture by Samantha B.

Squishable Turkey Vulture

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Turkey Vulture

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Artist's Description:

Turkey Vultures are notorious for being un-cute, gross creatures because of their important job of being nature's garbage disposals. But not anymore! Introducing the Squishable Turkey Vulture! It's huggable, it's loveable, and although it can't help clean up any dead animals, it can still help you appreciate its role in nature and help you see the turkey vulture in a slightly better light. Not to mention they'll also help fill your life with joy because they are just so fuzzy and cute!

About the Designer:

Samantha B.

Hello! I'm Samantha Brownell. I recently graduated from college with a B.A. in Art. In college I worked as a cartoonist for the school newspaper and now I am working a tye dye shop. I've always loved stuffed animals and hope to create several of my own with this contest; because it would be cool to see something I make come to life and be huggable!

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