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Squishable Blue Jay by Lilian T.

Squishable Blue Jay

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Voting is Over

Squishable Blue Jay

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Artist's Description:

Blue Jay is definitely my favorite bird of all. No clue why but I guess it was part of my childhood, how I get excited whenever I see one. :P And I love the gorgeous shades of blue with hint of black, gray & white on it! It is small but the way it carries itself and the pronounced crest upon its head really gives a strong and regal aura around it. It really is a gorgeous bird in my opinion. :D Pretty sure if I had a chance, I would have it as a pet but obviously I can't keep a wildlife bird legally. xD And now, if it was to become a plush, I can finally have my own but also can cuddle it too and same for everyone else! ^_^

About the Designer:

Lilian T.

I like to doodle around at times when I'm bored, especially in class, but drawing is something I definitely don't really focus on. I rarely draw to begin with, but I went a head and join in for fun, and good luck to everyone too! :D

Talk about this design!
Talk about this design!
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