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Squishable Soft Candy by Allison B.

Squishable Soft Candy

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Soft Candy

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Artist's Description:

You’ll always have sweet dreams snuggling up to the Squishable Soft Candy! Who knew that behind their tough exterior lies a super-soft cuddly friend? Take home this huggable sugar rush today: 100% dentist approved. Hard candies have a bad reputation. This design brings out their more adorable side.

About the Designer:

Allison B.

Allison is a soon-to-be university graduate of art and design, Mini Squishable Fox owner, internet geek, and artist-for-hire. When not designing Squishies, she can be found eating pizza and searing for buried treasure in between couch cushions.

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