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Squishable Baby Razorback by Christina L.

Squishable Baby Razorback

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Baby Razorback

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Artist's Description:

This little guy is based off of one of my little creatures. The original design was a piglet, whose best friend was a teeny kitten in a grouping of illustrations I did way back when I was in training for my current job. They've always brought me joy and one of the little guys was a baby boar, whose tusks came in early so he was always tipping over. I've always wanted to bring my little creatures to life, at first by 3D models, but now I feel it would be better as a Squishable! Maybe one day I will be able to find a design position somewhere doing just that! ^__^

About the Designer:

Christina L.

I am what you'd call a digital designer. I've had training in everything from Flash, graphic design, typography, 3D model designing, and animations. I originally wanted to be a concept artist for video games, but I decided to take a smaller art position closer to home at the time. I currently work as a composition artist at Deluxe, as well as working with Bags and Bows. But in my spare time I'm always doodling my little creatures and critters, never knowing quite where they've come from, but loving them just the same. <3

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