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Squishable Maltese Tiger by Shannon M.

Squishable Maltese Tiger

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Voting is Over

Squishable Maltese Tiger

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Artist's Description:

One part mystery, one part noir, and one part Squishy! The Maltese Tiger is reported to be a cryptid big cat, a blue-hued Tiger hidden deep in the wilds. But you donŐt need to fund an expedition to find this elusive feline nor steal a prized sculpture, this TigerŐs ready to come home with you and purr on your sofa.

About the Designer:

Shannon M.

I'm a technical support specialist who wanted to find some way to use her graphic design degree while raising a toddler! I do some plush making on the side but designing is so much more fun than sewing!

Talk about this design!
Talk about this design!
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