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Squishable Thoth by Prince C.

Squishable Thoth

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Thoth

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Artist's Description:

Need a friend for your Anubis Squishable? Well Thoth is up for the job! Thoth and Anubis go way back- since the beginning! Due to Thoth's job, he visits the underworld frequently and hangs out with Anubis on a normal basis. Being the god of wisdom isnÕt all fun and games though. Thoth is always depicted holding a piece of papyrus in his hand and keeping records of everything that happens. Although no one really knows what heÕs writing down so you have to wonder whatÕs really on that piece of papyrus he holds? Is it really the events of things that have taken place or could it just be his fiction? IÕll leave that up to your imagination.

About the Designer:

Prince C.

My name is Morgan and I'm graduating next year in the spring with my visual arts degree.

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