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Squishable Blue the Tarantula by Andrea C.

Squishable Blue the Tarantula

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Voting is Over

Squishable Blue the Tarantula

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Artist's Description:

Some may say "Eek! A scary spider!" when meeting Blue at first. When she introduces herself and says she is actually a sweet Tarantula, other Squishable realize she is very nice and polite! She happens to only have two eyes unlike other Tarantulas. Her feet actually have tiny paws at the end to help her get to where she is going. No webs will be made in your room. Instead, only a Tarantula that loves to be hugged is waiting for you!

About the Designer:

Andrea C.

Taking classes in the day and on my spare time working to improve on art skills. I enjoy working on digital art the most. I also enjoy making stuffed animals and find this an opportunity to express myself!

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Talk about this design!
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