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Squishable Sun Conure by Kennedy H.

Squishable Sun Conure

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Sun Conure

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Artist's Description:

Sun Conure's are a natural rainbow in nature! When they fluff up they're as soft as a baby's blanket. They may not be the quietest creature, but doesn't that sound just remind you of how much they care? Give your Sun Conure a peanut, and they will do their famous nodding head dance! This little Birdie just wants to be held, and to know that you love it, flaws and all.

About the Designer:

Kennedy H.

I love to draw, especially when it comes to anything comic or storyboard related! I also love to design and create things of my own, but sometimes I just love to draw Squishy cute animals!

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