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Squishable Sphynx Cat by Tiphaine J

Squishable Sphynx Cat

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Sphynx Cat

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Artist's Description:

It kneads you! This sweet and rotund sphynx cat only wants one thing and it's to find a warm, comfortable home. Its soft yet not furry body with very little embroidery inspires a great desire to Squish without holding back. Its big loving eyes and heart toe beans add a cute touch to make it stand out even more from other kittens. Will you give it a chance?

About the Designer:

Tiphaine J

I'm a young aspiring artist who loves exploring a wide variety of methods and themes through digital art, looking to put out there the things I want to see. In my free time I do love drawing very cute designs mostly for myself :)

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