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Squishable Snoozlefluff by Paulina Z.

Squishable Snoozlefluff

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Snoozlefluff

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Artist's Description:

Snoozlefluff is an adorable ball of fluff and good dreams. Native to the Dreamland. They are the happiest in groups because what's better than napping in a pile of fluffy friends? Nothing! Snoozlefluffs are cheerful sleepy bed buds who will love nothing more than to be your nightlight.

About the Designer:

Paulina Z.

Born and living in Poland, an artist at heart, and nothing but art will do. A jack of all trades that tries their hand in anything, from crafts and arts to game development and gardening. Pretty friendly! Doesn't bite.

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