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Squishable Singing Cockatoo by Thais S.

Squishable Singing Cockatoo

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Singing Cockatoo

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Artist's Description:

I wanted to make my first Squishable design based on a simple idea, and lately I've been learning about Cockatoo species. So I decided to make a Cockatoo and why not give it a microphone! Because they ain't loud enough already! Cockatoos can be pretty fluffy looking, but sadly you can't hug a bird, they are too fragile. So why not turn it into a Squishable?

About the Designer:

Thais S.

I am an artist who wants to make a living out of my passion. Sadly though I have too many passions and can't handle them all at the same time. So far I've worked in videogames and animation. I wish to find more projects to work in, be it as freelance or in-house. Meanwhile here I am, designing stuff I love to see where it gets me!

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