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Squishable Sea Cucumber by Janda W.

Squishable Sea Cucumber

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Sea Cucumber

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Artist's Description:

Want to see a real-life Squishable? (Not that our own Squishables aren't REAL, they're just...domesticated.) Look no further than the Sea Cucumber, an underappreciated invertebrate that spends mos of its life inching along the sea floor, looking radially symmetrical and filtering sand or seawater for tasty morsels. Here's the cool part, though: the Sea Cucumber's body contains a special type of collagen which allows it to effectively liquefy its torso to wriggle through tiny other words, it squishes! My design features the adorably named Sea Apple Sea Cucumber (Pseudocolochirus violaceus), hoping with all his circulatory ampullae that you'll pick him as your next Squishable. Who could say no to that "face"?

About the Designer:

Janda W.

Hi from Texas! Just a humble fan of all things cute here, no artistic background other than a lifetime of doodling. Proud owner of Narwhalamew the Squishable Narwhal, who was purchased within about 10 minutes of first visiting the site. Fact about me: my life will be complete when A) the sea cucumber is approved for official Squish-dom, or B) the new Corgi Squishable arrives at my doorstep, whichever comes first.

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