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Squishable Rooster by Jaylynne R.

Squishable Rooster

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Rooster

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Artist's Description:

As the sun rises and the day begins anew, a soft tiny crow is heard welcoming you to a beautiful morning. It's the roundest little Rooster happy to help make sure no one is late for any important dates. He knows not to crow too loudly so he would never be annoying and if there is no need to wake so early he will gladly snuggle up to sleep beside you. I love Chickens, especially Roosters, but I can't own one where I live (all my other chickens back in Puerto Rico). I think a cute little Rooster plush would help fill the void for those, including myself, unable to own an actual Rooster.

About the Designer:

Jaylynne R.

I am a scrubby artist hoping to someday get into the art toy industry. I love many things like animals, mythology/cryptids and toys. I am also a professional weirdo and trash witch.

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Talk about this design!
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