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Squishable CuddleBot 3000 by Allie M.

Squishable CuddleBot 3000

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable CuddleBot 3000

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Artist's Description:

The CuddleBot 3000 was originally designed as The MathmaticaBot 1000. The prototype grew an obsession for espresso, drank 20 cups in one afternoon, then ran out of the factory. The engineers haven't seen him since. They next moved onto The MathmaticaBot 2000, who found multiplication tiresome and difficult. When the engineers tried to recode his programming, he would pull them in close for a cuddle. It was the best cuddle ever, and the engineers realized the robot had created its own purpose. Thus the CuddleBot 3000 was born, squishing all other robotic cuddling competition out of the water.

About the Designer:

Allie M.

I'm an artist with a love for cartoons, comic books, robots, pickles, and board games. Drawing makes me happy.

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