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Squishable Rattykins by Amanda Y.

Squishable Rattykins

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Rattykins

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Artist's Description:

My hubby and I recently adopted our very first rat, and since then, he and I have absolutely fallen in love with the little critters. So intelligent, clean, lovable and fun! I wanted to design a Squishable Rattie for fellow fans, and now even those who aren't allowed to have a rat can have their very own squeaky, squishy, extra-cuddly rat of their very own. No feeding or cleanup required! Like all rats, Rattykins is guaranteed 100% plague-free. Who can say "EW!" to a face like THAT? Rattykins may not be able to fit in your pocket or hang out in your hood, but he's always down for some snuggles under a blanket.

About the Designer:

Amanda Y.

Most people call me Panda. I'm currently an undergrad in college, going for my associates in fine art. I've been a fan of Squishables for years and have a few of my own. I am also a crazy cat & rat lady in training, but as long as my hubby sticks around I don't think it'll get too out of hand....

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