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Squishable Quetzalcoatl by Maya Y.

Squishable Quetzalcoatl

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Quetzalcoatl

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Artist's Description:

The feathered serpent deity turned to plush form. He was a god of many things, ranging from light to mercy, to wind and gold, war and judgment, and so on and so forth. Now he's here to take on a new role, to be one of the many deities of squishing. That's what all ancient gods want, right? His design here is more to be in a similar manner as the Squishable Narwhal and Seal.

About the Designer:

Maya Y.

Hello! I'm more commonly referred to as Mei on the internet. I don't so much have a 'background' as an artist, but I'm working on my own story project with some little things on the side. One of which being Open Squish. I hope you enjoy the concepts I came up with!

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