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Squishable Quail by Zoe M.

Squishable Quail

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Quail

Tell me if it's made!

Artist's Description:

When I was little, I had this bird book that I enjoyed flipping through. In my opinion, the best birds are the roundest ones, so the California Quail always made me chuckle. Take note his regal little topnotch, marvel at his puffy underbelly! What majesty! What chubby, waddling grace! Love a Quail today!

About the Designer:

Zoe M.

I am a lifelong lover of stuffed animals, and have three Squishables of my own! I wish I could say I was an artist, but in all honesty, I made this little guy on Paint! I hope you enjoy him nonetheless!

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