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Squishable Python by Alex C.

Squishable Python

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Python

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Artist's Description:

I love snakes, I work with them and I own three ball pythons. I thought the snake Squishable was a genius design for making something serpentine into a ball shape, and I thought since ball pythons get their names from curling up into little balls I thought they would make a great design! They are one of the most popular pet reptiles and I'm sure lots of people who own ball pythons would love to own a Squishable version of one. I actually work for one of the biggest reptile breeders in the country and if my design is produced I'm sure they would love to sell them in the pet shop!

About the Designer:

Alex C.

I've had a good amount of experience with plush making and character design, and have worked for an indie game company as a lead art director and character designer. Right now I am a biology major, and I really hope to have my design chosen both for experience and to help pay for college! Please vote for me, it'll really help me out! :)

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