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Squishable Atlantic Puffin by Emerald H.

Squishable Atlantic Puffin

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Voting is Over

Squishable Atlantic Puffin

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Artist's Description:

The Puffin, a majestic creature that everyone loves...once they know about it. Everyone knows what a penguin is, but they're nowhere near as cool as Puffins! Let's face it, that beak is too cool for just any bird. That honking noise? No swan could even dream of sounding that awesome! So why not choose a Puffin - the penguin's way cooler cousin? There's no reason not to!

About the Designer:

Emerald H.

I was an art student for 4 years but gave it up for the love of psychology. Art is still a great part of my life, though. You won't see me anywhere without a sketchbook at least half-full!

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Talk about this design!
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