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Squishable Pudding Cup by Tracy H.

Squishable Pudding Cup

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Voting is Over

Squishable Pudding Cup

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Artist's Description:

Inspiration for my design came from my daughter. Whether she's hanging with friends, Mom and Dad, or just having a quiet moment, she really enjoys having Pudding Cups for a snack. I enjoy them as well! Pudding cups never fail to bring joy, relaxation and togetherness. Which got me thinking... everyone should have a cuddly, warm, lovable Squishable of a Pudding Cup!

About the Designer:

Tracy H.

I enjoy basketball, golfing (when Minnesota weather allows), a good bacon cheeseburger, movie night (with my wife's M&M popcorn), goofing around with my teenage daughter and sweets.

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Talk about this design!
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