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Squishable Buttered Popcorn by Macy P.

Squishable Buttered Popcorn

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Buttered Popcorn

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Artist's Description:

What's the one thing you can't start a movie without? The one thing you just gota slurp all the butter on no matter how much it takes? POPCORN! Who doesn't love popcorn? You'd be nuts to not love popcorn. But now you can eat your popcorn alongside Popcorn! And the latter of the two isn't even greasy! This Popcorn will watch the movie with you, it won't make a mess, and it won't even go stale! Note: This Popcorn is also inedible, do not confuse it with actual popcorn.

About the Designer:

Macy P.

Hope you guys enjoy my entries as much as I enjoyed drawing them for you!

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Talk about this design!
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