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Squishable the Pibble by Mearii B.

Squishable the Pibble

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Voting is Over

Squishable the Pibble

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Artist's Description:

Looking for that special something to lounge around and be a potato with? Need a partner to go running with? Want a strong guardian with a heart of gold and a goofy smile? Want endless kisses? Look no further! This little Pit Bull (or Pibble) is perfect for you! Just beware of feeding her cheeseburgers, her gas can really clear a room!

About the Designer:

Mearii B.

Hey there! I love super bright cutesie things! I'm majoring in Animation and Concept, so pretty much my ideas are endless to the extent of what my hand can handle. Hope you enjoy my ideas and look on the bright side of the color spectrum!

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Talk about this design!
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