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Squishable Panther by Jasmin B.

Squishable Panther

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Panther

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Artist's Description:

Meet the Squishable Black Panther! He may look vicious on the outside,but on the inside he's just a big, round, fluffy pussy cat! This Squishable design was based off of the North American black panther. I thin these cats are beautiful from their heads to their tails because of the way that the sun reflects off their jet-black coat. I especially love their fluorescent eyes!

About the Designer:

Jasmin B.

I love to draw! I'm used to using old fashioned pencils and paper. I draw anime and kawaii characters a lot because I grew up watching anime with my older sister (we're both extreme otakus ;D). I also like to write books! I write children's stories in hopes of one day getting them published and donating half of the money from each book to children's cancer research.

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