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Squishable Pallas Cat by Kari G.

Squishable Pallas Cat

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Pallas Cat

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Artist's Description:

Pallas Cats are about the size of a large housecat, but they're definitely much fluffier! If you look up an image of a Pallas Cat online you'll see- they're basically Squishables in real life, and I couldn't believe there wasn't a design for one yet! With their copious amounts of fluff and resting grumpyface, the Pallas Cat is just a Squish waiting to happen.

About the Designer:

Kari G.

I've been doing art since I was a kid, but I only really got into digital design in the past five years or so. I hope this design will be a successful addition to my portfolio!

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