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Squishable Opossum by Haley C.

Squishable Opossum

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Voting is Over

Squishable Opossum

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Artist's Description:

Recently I have discovered just how deep my love for opossums goes. To the uninformed, these adorable marsupials, with a history stretching back to the dinosaur days, may be striking with their snazzy star-feet and pointed chompers; what you may not know is that not only do opossums rarely carry disease due to their body temperature, they actually help prevent harm to us and our chosen animal friends by eating thousands of ticks per year. What is more, these critters have pouches to carry their teeny babies until they grow enough to cling to their mother and ride her like a majestic dragon. This cuddly cutie plays into all of the opossums unique features with big, beady eyes with a blossom-like shine, sweet heart accents, full-on flashy flower-feet, and a cherry blossom accessory to represent your friendship blooming.

About the Designer:

Haley C.

By the time you see this I may have already started my college career as an art major. Art was a somewhat last-minute commitment I made when I realized that there were some pretty cool jobs out there that would involve applying something I love and strive to get better at. I began exploring the digital side of art about a year ago, and am very well aware that I have a long way to go before I master it or even traditional media, which I have been using since I was little. If I can design a winning Squishable someday, I am totally going to try to put that on a resume or an application or something. :)

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