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Squishable Netherland Dwarf Bunny by Timothy L.

Squishable Netherland Dwarf Bunny

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Netherland Dwarf Bunny

Tell me if it's made!

Artist's Description:

The Netherland Dwarf is one of the smallest and most adorable breeds of rabbit out there today, and there isn't a single plush version of it in existence! How terrible. Hopefully this can make up for that lack of vision!

About the Designer:

Timothy L.

The illustrations of Timothy Lim, Au.D., have been published internationally in PSM, Dreamwave, and Image comics. He is a freelance artist for WeLoveFine, working on officially licensed shirts and prints for Marvel, The Transformers, and Star Wars. He has been featured online at RIPTApparel, TeeFury, Nowhere Bad, Fashionably Geek, Topless Robot, ComicsAlliance, and MTVís Splash Blog. He lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, with a litter of Guinea Pig brothers.

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