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Squishable Music Note by Johanna D.

Squishable Music Note

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Voting is Over

Squishable Music Note

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Artist's Description:

We've all experienced those days where you plug in your head phones and just meld with your music while you work, exercise, study, relax, etc. Then you hear that song that comforts you when you're sad, or fills you with happiness! We all have music that feels like it's hugging us; and it's truly unfair that you can't hug back... Except you can. This squishable music note lets you take that cuddly sensation, that warming coziness, that fuzzy joy music brings to your heart and hug it back in your very own arms. Start and end each day with your own personal note of happiness.

About the Designer:

Johanna D.

Amateur artist who loves dogs and enjoys music and traveling.

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Talk about this design!
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