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Squishable Rosy Maple Moth by Stephanie G.

Squishable Rosy Maple Moth

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Voting is Over

Squishable Rosy Maple Moth

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Artist's Description:

It's a real shame that butterflies get all the attention in the bug world. When it comes to sweetness guaranteed to make your dentist upset with you, it's all about the Rosy Maple Moth. Even their name is sweet! Though I can't guarantee they won't eat all your pancakes, this sweetheart is guaranteed to brighten up any garden or Squishable collection.

About the Designer:

Stephanie G.

I, like many who visit this website, have a huge love for stuffed animals. My mother couldn't wait for me to outgrow them! How disappointed she was when she realized that I probably never would. I would be thrilled to share my love for plush animals--especially Squishables--by having one of my designs chosen. I've never really had any experience designing or creating such squishy cuteness, so wish me luck!

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Talk about this design!
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