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Squishable Jerboa by Katelin H.

Squishable Jerboa

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Jerboa

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Artist's Description:

It looks like a mouse, hops like a kangaroo, has ears like a bat and a tail like a lion! It's not a genetic hybrid species, it's a long-eared Jerboa. Jerboa are desert rodents found throughout Northern Africa and Asia. Jerboas are such unique rodents, I thought they would make a perfect Squishable! The Squishable Jerboa is too round to hop, but that's okay! It's perfectly content to sit in your lap and snuggle!

About the Designer:

Katelin H.

I've been drawing/designing for about 12 years (not counting childhood doodles, but everyone does those)! I love animals, and even more when they're in round, squishy form! I design plush toys as a hobby, so I have put a lot of thought into patterning and fabric choices while designing my contest entries.

Talk about this design!
Talk about this design!
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