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Squishable Jalapeņo Pepper by Jenna W.

Squishable Jalapeņo Pepper

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Jalapeņo Pepper

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Artist's Description:

Jalapeņo Peppers really warm you up inside and Squishables do too! Add some spice into your life by cuddling this fiery friend!

About the Designer:

Jenna W.

I'm a project manager by day and an artist by night. I've been obsessed with stuffed animals and all things cute since, well, forever. Of course, this means I've been a big fan of Squishables for a long time! As someone who has been drawing, painting and illustrating for a couple decades now, I would be honored to apply my abilities to help bring new Squishables into the world.

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