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Squishable Impala by Martina S.

Squishable Impala

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Impala

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Artist's Description:

Impalas the long-legged, graceful antelope of the African savannas and are known for their large, elegant horns. Ok, this Squishable Impala may not be the most graceful fella around, and his legs may be a little stubby...but look at those horns! This guy is totally the fiercest fella in town! The horns in this design are arranged so they can be sewed down flush against the body, so they won't be too easily ripped off.

About the Designer:

Martina S.

Hi there! I'm a recent graduate looking to make my start in the world! I love to work with ceramics, to do printmaking, and to make illustrations. I like comics, movies, cartoons and hugging my Squishable shark, Bruce!

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