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Squishable Horseshoe Crab by Lauren H.

Squishable Horseshoe Crab

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Horseshoe Crab

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Artist's Description:

It's a Squishable Horseshoe Crab! Even though he's got a pretty ancient look, you've gotta admit he's still pretty cool! Hundreds of these creatures wash up on shore of Delaware once a year during mating season. It's quite a sight!

About the Designer:

Lauren H.

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, but have been doing digital art since 2012! I absolutely love art, animals, and plushies. I own quite a few Squishables myself, and it would be a dream come true to see one of my designs become a real-life plush!

Talk about this design!
Talk about this design!
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