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Squishable Hodag by Emily W

Squishable Hodag

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Hodag

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Artist's Description:

This design is based on Rhinelander, Wisconsin's legendary Hodag, a fearsome critter of Folklore resembling a large bull-horned carnivore with a row of thick curved spines down its back. The Hodag was said to be born from the ashes of cremated oxen, as the incarnation of the accumulation of abuse the animals had suffered at the hands of their masters. It can be found in many early Paul Bunyan stories, but the first one was said to be "discovered" in Rhinelander. A man by the name of Eugene Shepherd claimed that he had caught the beast and had it on display at a county fair. Scientists became interested, including the Smithsonian, so as their interest picked up Shepherd was forced to confess that his creature was a hoax. Despite the aftermath, the Hodag remains a beloved creature in the state of Wisconsin.

About the Designer:

Emily W

I am an all-around creative, nerd, and weirdo living in South Central Wisconsin. I'm a lover of animals, plants, the natural world, as well as the supernatural and they inspire me as an artist everyday. As a paranormal investigator, I also love cryptids and the menagerie of Squishables that are cryptids drew me in.

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