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Squishable Happy Space Alien by Dana W

Squishable Happy Space Alien

Voting is Over

Voting is Over

Squishable Happy Space Alien

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Artist's Description:

This sweet heptap├Ždal friend-to-all has come from the skies on a mission to sample our comfort foods and smile at most things. Some would say the only thought that went into their design was, "What if octopus but green and three eyes?" Well that's where they'd be wrong -- clearly this happy guy is blue and also has one less appendage. Plus there are stars and antennae and little space freckles on the cheeks!! Space freckles are unique for being completely, entirely useless in traditional and homeopathic medicines! Honestly it's just because I put the UFO hat on my Happy Octopus like five years ago and put the design idea on my list of projects.

About the Designer:

Dana W

Dana grew up near Chicago (definitely not space!) building snowmen and sandcastles and playing Super Nintendo. Somewhere along the line she became crazy, got some animation degrees, worked on some music videos, and popped into the game industry so she could give her Squishables a home as warm and cozy as they are.

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